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Late Summer in Heaven

If there’s a heaven, and if I go there, I would not at all mind eating a plate of this every day for the rest of eternity. Our friend Jeanine gave us a ton of peaches from the tree in her yard, the blackberries are from our own bushes. The bourbon is Rowan’s Creek.

Mac and Cheese++

The ability to make macaroni and cheese is a basic parental survival skill. The problem is, the boxed Kraft stuff tastes of chemicals. Although the Annie’s and Whole Foods brands are better — without being overly expensive — I’m still turned off by that packaged powdered cheese food stuff. Eventually I realized that since the […]

Epic Win

Today I visited my favorite taco stand in SLC, the one facing State Street in the Sears parking lot close to 800 South. Four excellent carne asada tacos for $3 is hard to beat. After lunch I went to the new Epic Brewery just a few hundred feet away. I didn’t know much about them, […]

Short Order Dad

Since having kids I’ve stopped treating cooking as entertainment and started treating it more like a job.  I’m short-order Dad and the goal is to get something edible on the table, rapidly and reliably.  A bit of diversity is important too, since people get tired of things quickly. Most of the “30-minute” cookbooks suck.  First, […]