Sensor Network Demos Wanted!

Pei Zhang of CMU and I are co-running the demo session at SenSys 2010, which happens this fall in Zurich. SenSys is the premier conference for systems-oriented research in sensor networks. The text from the call is pretty good (I wrote it) so I’ll just quote it here:

The demonstration session at SenSys is typically very well attended and is one of the highlights of the conference. If you are a systems researcher who is bored with producing slides, and you would rather show off great code, working systems, useful tools, crazy flying objects, new platforms, and any other technologies related to SenSys, then the demo session is the place for you! Past instances of SenSys have awarded prizes for the best demos and we plan to do the same in Zurich. Submissions from industry and universities are encouraged and an abstract for each accepted demo will be published in the SenSys proceedings.

If you have something cool to show, please consider submitting!