Epic Win

Today I visited my favorite taco stand in SLC, the one facing State Street in the Sears parking lot close to 800 South. Four excellent carne asada tacos for $3 is hard to beat. After lunch I went to the new Epic Brewery just a few hundred feet away. I didn’t know much about them, but had heard they’re making good beer. Epic’s shtick turns out to be interesting: they brew strong beer (in contrast, most Utah microbrew is 4.0% ABV) and sell it only in 22 oz (~650 ml) bottles. The retail store is minimalist: a fridge full of bottles, a rack of t-shirts,  and a cash register. While reviewing papers tonight I opened an “825 State Stout.” It is good: a little sweet, not overly alcoholic or hoppy, with plenty of toasted malt flavor. Overall above average among stouts I’ve tasted — nice, since Utah stouts tend to be underwhelming.