Downtown SLC Without a Car

People who visit Salt Lake City for a meeting or something often end up staying downtown, and often don’t bother renting a car. The other day I was mailing a friend a list of things to do in this situation. Here it is, cleaned up a bit:

  • Sam Weller’s Bookstore is on Main St between 200 S and 300 S; it’s a great store (be sure to check out all three levels) and has a good coffee shop with free wireless
  • Ken Sanders bookstore at 268 South on 200 East is another of my favorites
  • The taco stand on State St just north of 800 S (in the Sears parking lot) is awesome; $4 gets you four carne asada tacos plus a coke; catty-corner from here is the Epic Brewery which makes some good products (not a brewpub — just fridges full of bottles)
  • City Creek Canyon is a very short walk from downtown; the paved road is a good place to walk; the total length of the canyon is 14.5 miles and there are plenty of side trails, so there’s a lot to do here; the upper part of this canyon is seldom visited and quite wild; even-numbered days are most pleasant for walking the road since bikes are not allowed (directions)
  • The main Salt Lake library is a neat building, it’s on 400 S between 200 E and 300 E; if you take the elevators to the top floor, the big sloping ramp that descends back to ground level has nice views of the city and mountains
  • Salt Lake Roasting Company on 400 S between 300 E and 400 E (just east of the library) has great coffee and pastries
  • The light rail system provides easy access to some other parts of the city
  • Lots of restaurants can be found along 300 South between Main St and 300 W
  • Some good bars are scattered throughout; the best beer selection is found at Bayou and Beerhive (but the food isn’t that great at either place)

This list is heavily biased towards what I would do given a free day in SLC. Hopefully it’s useful.

4 Replies to “Downtown SLC Without a Car”

  1. I can certainly vouch for those tacos. Yum.

    (But why would you want to buy a fridge when you’re just visiting SLC?)

  2. Robby, oops, your smart comment already doesn’t make sense since I clarified that sentence a second before you posted your comment :).

  3. While you’re at the library, stop across the street at Les Madeleines (500 S 200 E) for some French bakery goodness.

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