I’ve been reading blogs since well before they were called blogs, though it was only fairly recently that I started using RSS to scale up the number of blogs I follow. I really enjoy the way this medium encourages unforced writing: people pretty much post whatever they’re thinking about right now. Below is the list of blogs I’m currently subscribed to. Am I interested in every random thought that every one of these people has? Not even remotely. But it is nice to be able to scroll past this stuff, picking and choosing something to read here and there. Correspondingly, I don’t make much of an effort to censor myself here; if a few people enjoy each post and everyone else skips over it, this isn’t a problem.

33 Bits of Entropy
A Critical Systems Blog
ACM SIGBED – Special Interest Group on Embedded Systems
Across Utah
American Alpine Institute – Climbing Blog
An Academic’s Freedom
Andi Kleen’s blog
Andreas Gal
Arbitrary Thoughts
Arctic Sea Ice
Ars Experientia
Awkward Stock Photos
Azulsystems : Blogs » cliff
Backcountry Utah’s Outdoor Adventure Journal
Backyard Excursions
Bad Nomenclature
Beki’s Blog
ben’s blog
Better Embedded System SW
Bit9 – Activity
Brandon Sanderson Blog
Cassandra Van Buren, Ph.D.
Cedar & Sand
Charlie’s Diary
Chromium Blog
Code Love
command center
Comments on: Remote Education Final Project
Cooking For Engineers
Cool Tools
Cool Verification
CUSA Latest Rave
Dan Kaminsky’s Blog
Daniel’s Software Blog
Data Beta
Dave Nicolette
Dave’s Data
David A. Wheeler’s Blog
David Byrne’s Journal
David LeBlanc’s Web Log
DBMS Musings
dead reckon
Desert Explorer
Dinochick Blogs
Division by Zero
Ed’s Blog
Edupocalypse Now
eighty-twenty news
Embedded Coding
Embedded Gurus – Experts on Embedded Software
Embedded in Academia
Eric Seidel
Errata Security
Everything and Nothing.
Faith & Farming
Fell in Love with Data
Female Computer Scientist
Frama-C news and ideas
Fuck Yeah Fluid Dynamics
FYI News for Faculty & Staff » Info for Researchers
garfield minus garfield
Gear Review: The Ultimate Solo Tent « Trek Alaska – Hiking and …
Geek Prof
Gnome’s Lair
Gold Panning
Google Open Source Blog
Gowers’s Weblog
Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP
Hack Education
Hiking the Great American Southwest
Homesick Texan
How to Spot a Psychopath
Hyperbole and a Half
I, Cringely – Cringely on technology
Iain [M] Banks
Ian Bogost
Indistinguishable from Jesse
Industry Outsider
Inflatable Kayaks & Packrafts
Inside 233
Interactive Theorem-Proving
it is NOT junk
It will never work in theory
Ivan Fratric’s Security Blog
Jay McCarthy
Jeff Epler’s blog
Jefferson’s Wheel
Jens Gustedt’s Blog
jg’s Ramblings
Journal of a Programmer
Just Software Solutions Blog
keeping simple
Kelsey Publishing
Kevin Fu
ladamic’s blog
Lambda the Ultimate – Programming Languages Weblog
Lana Yarosh
lcamtuf’s blog
Lex Spoon
LLVM Project Blog
logistic aggression
Lonnie Dupre
Lorenzo Martignoni
Love & Sex
Mathematics and Computation
Michael Nielsen
Miguel de Icaza
Moebius Strip
Musings by @txflygirl
My superpower is synchronicity
natural language processing blog
Nicholas Nethercote
Nick’s Blog
No Place Like Homes
Observations from Uppsala
Off The Lip
One Div Zero
Planet Pocket Tool
Preshing on Programming
Programming in the 21st Century
PSD : Photoshop Disasters 
Random ASCII
Random Observations
Raspberry Pi – the blog
Retraction Watch | Rock Art Photo Blog
Scott Tsai’s blog
Scotts World
Scouting NY
Scripts to Programs
Sean Heelan’s Blog
Sheryl’s Blog
smitten kitchen
Snail in a Turtleneck
Sound & Fury
Sprouting the Beans
Spudd 64 / Matt Kish
Stack Overflow
Star Valley Weather
Steep Blog
Stephen Wolfram Blog
Steve Bennett blogs
Sticky Bits
still_exploring – Backcountry Skiing & Beyond
Stupid Compiler
Sutter’s Mill
Tech Notes
tedherman’s posterous
Test Obsessed
The Changelog
The Chronicle of Higher Education | Advice
The Chronicle of Higher Education | News
The Digital Antiquarian
The Endeavour
The Flying Frog Blog
The Geomblog
The Homeless Adjunct
The Invisible Things Lab’s blog
The journey so far… 2007-2012
The Kid Should See This.
The Life of Bryan
The Little Calculist
The Oatmeal – Comics, Quizzes, & Stories
The Onion
The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction
The Pursuit of Life
The Racket Blog
The Roaming Dials
The Shape of Code
The Spiced Life — Musings & Recipes From My Kitchen
The Third Bit
The Universe of Discourse
The Word of Notch
This is what a computer scientist looks like
Thoughts on software and systems engineering
Tom Moertel’s Blog
Toothpaste For Dinner
TvE 2100 – Home
University of Utah
updated sporadically at best
UT Outdoors
Utah – News
Utah Arch
Utah Avalanche Center – Salt Lake
Utah Caves
Vintage Space
Virtual Now – Dan Hersey’s Blog
Visualization, etc.
Vivek Haldar
Volatile and Decentralized
Wasatch Citizen SkiMo Series
Wasatch Runner
Wasatch Weather Weenies
Wayne Hale’s Blog
We’re all fine here
Winning Race Conditions
WordPress News
Xi Wang
You Got to be Kidding’s Blog
Zvonimir Rakamaric
  Bartosz Milewski’s Programming Cafe
♥ Brogramming Days ♥

5 Replies to “Blogs”

  1. Hello, John.

    It is interesting how your list coincides with mine for the confidential items more than for the popular ones (although by “coincide” I only mean that even the very confidential blogs in my much shorter list are on yours. I only follow thirty blogs or so).

    I suppose the rationale may be that if something that would interest you is posted to one of the more popular blogs, you are sure to hear about it from someone, so you don’t really need to follow the blog itself. On the other hand, the only way to benefit from the underdog blog is to read it.

    Below is one exception, one of the blogs I follow that isn’t in your list; it is not very famous according to Google Reader statistics, but you may find it interesting still:

  2. Why’d you have to go and do this? I use RSS also, but when I start reading a blog, I grab all of it, back to the beginning. I did that for your site, now I’m gonna have to go through these to see if there are any that I don’t get yet but I like… thanks a lot…

  3. Hi Pascal, yes, I was hoping this post would cause people to tell me what I’m missing.

    I definitely feel that the less popular blogs must be subscribed to, rather than waiting for random people to tweet the post, which they probably won’t do…

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