Producing Good Software From Academia

Writing and maintaining good software from academia isn’t easy. I’ve been thinking about this because last week my student Yang Chen defended his thesis. While I’m of course very happy for him, I’m also depressed since Yang’s departure will somewhat decimate the capacity of my group to rapidly produce good code. Yang looked over my […]

Do Not Just Run a Few More Reps

It’s frustrating when an experiment reveals an almost, but not quite, statistically significant effect. When this happens, the overwhelming temptation is to run a few more repetitions in order to see if the result creeps into significance. Intuitively, more data should provide more reliable experimental results. This is not necessarily the case. Let’s look at […]

Cheating at Research

My news feed this morning contained this article about an unpleasant local situation that has caused one person I know to lose her job (not because she was involved with the malfeasance, but as fallout from this lab shutting down). On the positive side (I’m going from the article and the investigating panel’s report here […]

University Economics and the End of Large Classes

I’ve been stalled on a draft of this piece for some time, but Amy Bruckman’s recent post provided the catalyst I needed to finish it up. She hypothesizes that “the future of universities is excelling at everything a MOOC is not.” Clearly universities can excel at activities that require students to be near each other and […]