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Mac and Cheese++

The ability to make macaroni and cheese is a basic parental survival skill. The problem is, the boxed Kraft stuff tastes of chemicals. Although the Annie’s and Whole Foods brands are better — without being overly expensive — I’m still turned off by that packaged powdered cheese food stuff. Eventually I realized that since the […]

The Upside of Air Travel With Children

I do not enjoy traveling with babies. Getting car seats and strollers through security; having little crawling people disappear under a sea of chairs and come out again eating things they found; being unable to console a little one whose ears are hurting on descent. Ugh. But as the babies have grown up into toddlers […]

Why Be Polite?

I’m generally not extremely rude, but as Sarah and many others would be happy to tell you, I’m not all about pleasantries. Basically I’ve never seen the point of certain kinds of small talk. To make things worse, I know almost nothing about sports and have thus disqualified myself from a large proportion of male […]

Short Order Dad

Since having kids I’ve stopped treating cooking as entertainment and started treating it more like a job.  I’m short-order Dad and the goal is to get something edible on the table, rapidly and reliably.  A bit of diversity is important too, since people get tired of things quickly. Most of the “30-minute” cookbooks suck.  First, […]