Wanted: One RSS Feed Per Conference

I attend a few computer science conferences each year, and look closely at the proceedings for another half dozen. I know how to deal with these conferences. On the other hand, the conferences that give me trouble are the next 25 or so that I’m passingly interested in, that probably each contain 1-2 papers per year that interest me, but that I don’t have time or energy to monitor closely. Today I finally realized how to deal with these: we need a very low-traffic RSS feed for every CS conference. It should get about four items per year: the CFP, a single reminder about the deadline being near, the advance program, and the final program including abstracts and invited speakers. The ACM could easily do this for their conferences (perhaps they already do, but I couldn’t find this in the digital library anywhere), as could USENIX and IEEE. But it might be better if this were done by a third party such as DBLP. Indeed, a bit of searching turned up this tool that automatically builds a feed from DBLP, but this is of limited utility for me since DBLP seems to be overwhelmed and is missing many of the minor (and some not-so-minor) events that I’m interested in. arXiv is another possible source, and they already have a nice system of feeds, but they seem to lack any kind of good integration with the conference system, and in any case arXiv buyin from computer scientists is minimal at present.

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