3 Replies to “Bonneville Salt Flats and Silver Island Mountains”

  1. Ben, a few random things:

    I hadn’t realized the drive to the salt flats from SLC is only about 90 minutes.

    If you go while the salt flats are holding water, take wading or waterproof shoes. Our walking was limited by a desire to not have everyone’s sneakers inundated by frigid salt water.

    The Silver Island loop road is easy driving. Overall that range is pretty similar to Antelope Island, but it contains some really rugged peaks.

    We didn’t take the time, but seeing the Sun Tunnels would be great while out in that area. Also there are supposed to be some great rock formations along highway 30 (I think) to the east of Lucin. Not sure if it is officially named but I saw “devil’s garden” and “devil’s playground”.

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