I’ve been reading blogs since well before they were called blogs, though it was only fairly recently that I started using RSS to scale up the number of blogs I follow. I really enjoy the way this medium encourages unforced writing: people pretty much post whatever they’re thinking about right now. Below is the list […]

PLDI in Beijing

[nggallery id=53] PLDI 2012 was in Beijing earlier this week. Unfortunately I had only one full day to be a tourist; it would have been nice to bail out of the conference for another half day to see more stuff but that didn’t end up happening. My student Yang Chen went to college in Beijing and […]

Damn You, Zork II

Some significant part of my middle school years (age 11-14, roughly) was spent struggling with a couple of text adventure games and none of them was more tantalizing or frustrating than Zork II. In particular, the bank and baseball maze parts of this game completely stopped me, despite my large piles of notes and countless […]