Booster Test

Ever since learning that the space shuttle booster motors were manufactured and tested at ATK in Promontory Utah — not too far from where I live — I wanted to see one of the tests. I didn’t manage to do that before the shuttle program was shut down, but today I got to see something […]

Automatically Entering the Grand C++ Error Explosion Competition

G++ can be comically verbose; developers sometimes like to wallpaper their cubes with choice error messages from Boost or STL programs. The Grand C++ Error Explosion Competition asks the question: how large can we make the ratio between error output and compiler input? I’m not much of a C++ person but when the contest was […]

According to Googer

This post is all Eddie’s fault. Things that are exquisitely fortuitous her sudden and unexpected departure with a drunken Hanes waving a gun timing positioning several kinds of parameters of the universe that they chose sh** to describe this newest of Beetoven’s competitors that Phaidon, the British publisher, is issuing new editions of Ungerer classics, […]