A Few Pictures

Paris was very quiet on Saturday and people on the street looked tired, having (like us) stayed up most of the night watching the news, listening to sirens, and worrying about things. Today was sunny and warm and things seemed more normal; plenty of folks out jogging, sitting in parks, other usual weekend activities.


  1. I have a Facebook group membership, from my single visit to Paris, for a Sunday pickup ultimate game at Cité U south of Paris. There was some discussion about whether to play or not this week. I was gratified to see the organizer (with others agreeing) say people could do what they wanted, but he for one needed to get out and play, see friends, check in on whether the regulars were okay, etc. and so was going to be there playing no matter what people did. And so they did play, and it sounded like there were an awful lot of people appreciating the breath of recreational normalcy. Good for them, I say. (Not to dismiss the people who didn’t, just to say it’s good to see normalcy starting to return for at least some people.)

  2. Thanks for the update John.

    Hope you and your family and new colleagues aren’t freaking out too much, it must have been terrifying at the time.

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