Angel’s Landing

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Earlier this fall while visiting Zion NP I did the Angel’s Landing hike with friends. This route climbs the spine of a sandstone fin that sticks out into the middle of Zion Canyon, with thousand-foot drops on both sides. This video captures the feel, though the use of a wide-angle lens makes it look worse than it really is.

There are a few unnerving spots on this route. However, the subjective hazard is quite low since chains have been rigged any place where a single misstep would lead to a big fall. Routes I’ve done like Borah Peak and the traverse of Devil’s Castle have much thornier combinations of exposure and easy climbing moves, and of course have no chains. The worst thing about the hike was the presence of a large number of children — some of them looked no more than three and it really freaked me out watching them negotiate the exposed spots.

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