Polar Bears 2011

My work life, as readers of this blog have probably gathered, seems to mainly involve trying to keep funding agencies happy, teaching concepts like deadlock avoidance to bored undergraduates, exhorting grad students to work harder, going to pointless meetings, and spending any remaining time responding to emails. Of course I have a blog where I can write endlessly about all of this.

My younger brother Eric works for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and spends a good chunk of his working life inside the Arctic Circle studying the planet’s largest land predators, using helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, both on land and on sea ice. Of course he does not have a web site.

Anyway, today Eric sent me some pictures from this year’s field season, which was apparently very successful, operating out of the Red Dog Mine facility. He said it was OK to post them, so some of them are below. Hopefully this serves as a bit of an antidote to the computer systems related minutia that constitutes the bulk of the content here.

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