Why Take an Embedded Systems Course?

Embedded systems are special-purpose computers that users don’t think of as computers. Examples include cell phones, traffic light controllers, and programmable thermostats. In earlier posts I argued why any computer scientist should take a compilers course and an operating systems course. These were easy arguments to make since these areas are core CS: all graduates […]

Professor Value Added

If you buy a university-level instructor a beer and ask her to tell you how great the standardized course evaluation forms are, you’re likely to get an earful. I’m talking about the multiple-choice forms that students fill out towards the end of each course they take, asking them to assign a 1-5 rating to statements […]

Predicting Grad School Performance

I enjoy going out drinking with my colleagues, although it only seems to happen a few times a year. It should come as a surprise to nobody that professors are natural bullshitters and people always have good stories: nearly destroying a ticket booth at Alta while doing avalanche control work, barely sub-nuclear pyrotechnic displays out […]