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Reproducibility in Computer Systems Research

These results about reproducibility in CS have been the subject of lively discussion at Facebook and G+ lately. The question is, for 613 papers, can the associated software be located, compiled, and run? In contrast with something I often worry about — producing good software — the bar here is low, since even a system […]

What I Accomplished in Grad School

I often talk to students who are thinking about grad school. The advice I generally give is a dressed-up version of “Just do whatever the hell will make you happy.” But if we all had solid ideas about what would make us happy then, well, we’d probably be a lot more happy. Here’s a list […]

Producing Good Software From Academia

Writing and maintaining good software from academia isn’t easy. I’ve been thinking about this because last week my student Yang Chen defended his thesis. While I’m of course very happy for him, I’m also depressed since Yang’s departure will somewhat decimate the capacity of my group to rapidly produce good code. Yang looked over my […]

Do Not Just Run a Few More Reps

It’s frustrating when an experiment reveals an almost, but not quite, statistically significant effect. When this happens, the overwhelming temptation is to run a few more repetitions in order to see if the result creeps into significance. Intuitively, more data should provide more reliable experimental results. This is not necessarily the case. Let’s look at […]

Cheating at Research

My news feed this morning contained this article about an unpleasant local situation that has caused one person I know to lose her job (not because she was involved with the malfeasance, but as fallout from this lab shutting down). On the positive side (I’m going from the article and the investigating panel’s report here […]


A masters of science degree in computer science can mean two very different things: The research MS where the student works closely with an advisor on a research project that culminates in a thesis and ideally a few papers. This kind of student is generally paid as a TA or RA and can be expected […]

Computer Science Culture Clash

It’s not uncommon for an empirical CS researcher to get a review saying something like “Sure, these results look good, but we need to reject the paper since the authors never proved anything about the worst case.” Similarly, when I interviewed for faculty jobs ten years ago, a moderately famous professor spent a while grilling […]

Procedural Decomposition

While teaching a CS class I spend quite a bit of time looking over the shoulders of students whose code doesn’t work. Sometimes they have a simple mistake and I’ll either point it out or ask a question that will lead them to the problem. However, other times the code is just generally not very […]

That Forbes Article

That stupid Forbes article is making us look bad. By the way here’s what I did yesterday after teaching.

Life After Tenure

I wanted to dequeue one more post before the semester gets going for real. This is a collection of random observations about the contrast between being an untenured and tenured professor. Tenure is an up-or-out process: either you get it or you lose your job. This is stressful for everyone. Getting tenure is excellent in […]