Compiler Bug-Finding Project Milestones

Despite the Fall semester being crappy for me (double course load, and I keep getting sick) this project has made good progress: Xuejun gave a talk at the LLVM Developer’s Meeting We submitted our 300th compiler bug report (up from 200 in March 2010) We submitted a paper to PLDI 2011 summarizing our methods and […]

Non-deterministic Compilers?

Compilers are supposed to be deterministic, and they generally are. However, when a compiler has memory safety bugs (use of free memory, usually) and runs on an OS with ASLR (address space layout randomization) enabled, it can behave non-deterministically. Compile a file one time and the result is correct, compile the exact same file again […]

Fun With Saturating Arithmetic

An assignment that I often give my Advanced Embedded Systems class early in the semester is to implement saturating versions of signed and unsigned addition and subtraction. Saturating operations “stick” at the maximum or minimum value. (INT_MAX +sat 1) therefore evaluates to INT_MAX. The only wrinkle in the assignment is that solutions must be capable […]

Volatile Structs Are Broken

For at least a year we’ve taken a break from reporting volatile bugs to C compiler developers. There were various reasons: the good compilers were becoming pretty much correct, we faced developer apathy about volatile incorrectness, our volatile testing tool had some weird problems, and basically I just got bored with it. Today my PhD […]